Sunday, March 28, 2010


I only have time for a quick post today, so am sharing an image with you.  This was my Grandpa!
I keep this photo on my desk so I can see it often.  Wasn't he dapper?
His name was Roy Curtis Dyer, and he was born in 1892.  I think this photo was taken in the 40's, but I know it was taken in Kansas City.  
As a child, Grandpa was among the homesteaders that settled in southwestern Oklahoma.  He was a farmer, married my sweet Grandma, Susie, and after having 7 children (my mother was the youngest), moved to Kansas City when the Dust Bowl prevented any crops from growing.  My mother was quite small when they moived, so grew up in Kansas City.  As she grew older, she delighted in loading everyone (grandchildren, visiting cousins and  friends) in her mini van and taking them on her "nostalgic tours" of the places she lived, learned and played as a child in KC.  What fun those were!

Feel free to use this image in your artwork and please reference back to me if you do use it.  I know that images of men are not as common as other themes.  Personally, I look for pictures of birds and little girls.  But I love this one of Grandpa! 

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